Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hemps History, Hemp 1001 Uses

Above is a chart of the many uses for hemp. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

“Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!” - George Washington

I created this blog because I was challenged by a debate on the ReGeneration design contest comments, that and the decision made by governments to forge ahead with using grain for fuel which has helped deplete and raise prices on our food and animal feed supply.
I wanted to show there is a way out of this dilemma that can at the same time improve our environment and replenish the soil.

The graffiti illustrations here were my entries in the ReGeneration contest. They asked that we submit ideas for a green future. My entries with the most votes are pleasing to the eye, I admit I have a few that are doing ok. I would rather have no votes on my "pretty" pictures and have more interest in this one that does answer what is the future of green. There are a lot of nice pictures but not a whole lot of ideas how to go about changing the future. I expected to see more that way, make and have comments, to dialog about it. So I was glad when I went to the design competition area and made comments and was able to open up a debate.
I'm being quite honest, I HAD NO IDEA just how many uses there were for hemp until I began drawing about it. If I was going to draw about it I wanted to know what I was talking about, so I researched about it. So being involved in the whole process has shed a light for me too.
With environmental concerns that we have, we need to look at the alternatives out there.
Hemp is not marijuana, propaganda made the public look away.
The state of our planet makes it time to look back again.
Hemp is the new plastic, hemp is being newly discovered again. Hemp, in time, is the fiber that will out pace all others. It is as timeless and as relevant as when Henry Ford first brought it to the publics attention. It is more critical now with the grain shortage to be giving it a good hard look again.
We need to address the question that ReGeneration asks. I think going this direction is one way, one step, towards a greener future. Thanks for your support! We need to all become HEMP PUSHERS!
Freedom Crow

"Anything that can be made from hydrocarbons (oil, coal,
natural gas), can be made from carbohydrates (plant material)." - source unknown.
Henry Ford "grew from the soil." Its plastic panels, with impact strength 10 times greater than steel, were made from flax, wheat, hemp, spruce pulp.

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