Saturday, April 26, 2008

Canadian Hemp Resources

The Ontario Hemp Alliance (OHA) was founded when a group of hemp growers, processors and manufacturers realized the great potential of producing and marketing hemp. They began in 1998 with a series of meetings, which resulted in the formation of an association that would recognize and meet the needs of this young and evolving industry. The mandate and membership reflects the broad interest in hemp from all sectors of the economy.
to raise public awareness of hemp's uses and benefits
to facilitate analysis and development of markets for hemp products
to facilitate research and development of hemp based processes and products
to promote the sharing of information and interaction between members
to act as a lobbyist for the hemp industry
OHA MANDATEThe Ontario Hemp Alliance is a membership driven organization dedicated to the development of a viable, vertically integrated hemp industry in Ontario. The OHA mandate and membership reflects the broad interest in hemp from all sectors of the economy.
Mailing addressOntario Hemp Alliance,P.O. Box 776,Tavistock, OntarioN0B 2R0
2008 Directors of the Ontario Hemp Alliance1. President: Dan Scheele: mailto:danscheele@moderndigital.net2. Vice President: Larry Duprey3. Treasurer: Gordon Scheifele (Acting)4. Secretary: Gordon Scheifele: gscheifele@rogers.com5. Chairman, OHA Propagation Agency (OHAPA), Gordon Scheifele6. OHAPA committee: Roger Rivest: Shep Shepetunko Dan Scheele7. Webmaster, Steve Hunter, hempwebsite@8ts.ca8. OHA News Letter Editor: open9. Members at large: John Baker Doug Daymond, Arthur Hanks, Saskatchewan Hemp Association, Louise Hollingsworth, David Marcus, Shep Shepetunko, bushedshep@hotmail.com10. Resource Persons: Scott Banks: Kevin Montgomery, Mahendra Thimmanagari:

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